Theme : Green Architecture in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

ICGrA 2018
Date : Friday 13, July 2018
Inauguration with Keynote Speech: Friday
Venue : Mezzanine Floor, Hall No. 4, ICCB
Presentation Mix : Presentation of papers from experienced, renouwned Professionals
in the area of ACADEMIC, RESEARCH AND PRODUCT/MATERIAL from Bangladesh and Abroad.

With industrialization, buildings vis-a-vis the built environment increasingly helped establish patterns of consumption that lead to a significant depletion of half of the world's resources by early 21st century, while giving rise to global warming and climate disruptions. More recently, in order to arrest global warming, resulting from human activities on earth, a civilization target of keeping the temperature rise below 2°C has been agreed upon by communities of the world. In the backdrop of such a scale of the challenge, governments across the world committed to working towards a sustainable future by identifying transformative and holistic development goals. In the design, construction and operation of buildings can green architecture provides solutions that are environmentally friendly, socially responsive, functionally and economically appropriate to its contexts while connecting to overarching Sustainable Development Goals.

Inaguration Ceremony
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