GREENARCH Bangladesh 2018

GREENARCH Bangladesh 2018
Expo and Conference is an Awarenss, Application, Action Initiative on Green Architecture Concepts & Solutions. Green architecture is a holistic approach to Architecture, encompassing Environment, Equity and Economy. The concept has been in practice for almost a quarter of a Century, yet its comprehensive adoption is still not as widespread as would be expected, resulting in the continued deterioration of the environment and depletion of natural resources. Whether in the Developed World, where both awareness and means are unlimited, or in the Developing World, where both these issues are questionable, the building industry continues to pollute, to be energy intensive and to promote wasteful use of natural and manmade resources.

With an aim of addressing the prospects of Greening the environment, and the challenges faced by such initiatives, GREENARCH Bangladesh 2018 - Expo and Conference is being organized.

Targeted at :
GREENARCH Bangladesh 2018 Expo and Conference is your opportunity to highlight your capability and commitment to sustainable building. It's also a chance to showcase your tested and innovative offerings to a laser-focused group, including builders, architects, renovators, consultants, engineers, specification writers, building owners/developers, general contractors, industry personnel, building operations, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, governmental and regulatory authorities, utilities, international guests and more.


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